These are the downloads to the mod packs, and are unplayable without a legit copy of the game! Also these are all for Computers.(PC instructions)
If there are any problems with the installation progress feel free to ask me for assistance!

You need a copy of Terraria on Steam, the rest of the installation instructions are in the “Directions.txt”
Unitism Terraria Mod Pack Download

You’ll need the Twitch App in order to install it. Twitch App Download Page

To install a mod pack on Twitch go to “Mods” then “Minecraft” then click “Create Custom Profile” then “Import” and select the .zip of the mod pack!

In order to join the Minecraft servers you’ll need Logmein Hamachi. (Sorry for the Inconvenience.)
Logmein Hamachi Download

Logmein Info:
Server ID: 368-280-621
Server Pass:

Server IP (Thamlemia):

Thamlemia: MC: 1.12.2, Pack v1.01
Thamlemia Minecraft Mod Pack Download V1.01

Unitism: MC: 1.7.10, Pack V.Initial
Unitism Minecraft Mod Pack Download vInitial

Grand Odyssey: MC: 1.7.10, Pack v1.1
Grand Odyssey Minecraft Mod Pack Download v1.1