Things to note about me:
I can be deadly honest, whether you want me to or not. (Though I can control myself if I sense you’re distressed.)
I might seem a little desperate, or clingy. (But that would go away with the more people I interact with.)
Not much of a Chit-chatter when we are not doing something together.
I like to do a lot of activities, most would be playing different video games across the web.
Most things I like to do require at least a decent powered computer and other programs (you might need admin on your computer for.)
I might bring up politics or religion from time to time, if you don’t like it tell me and ignore anything that might have offended you.
I am almost always available. (Though I like the occasional moment of alone time.)
Lastly I’m Autistic, If I do something weird I’m sorry, I’ve been trying my best to suppress it.

How to contact me:
Refer to Contacts Page.

Video Games I Own (That are multiplayer): It’s easier for us to do stuff if we both own it, but any games can work.
Minecraft (I mostly play my own mod packs.)
Terraria (I like to mod games.)
Team Fortress 2 (I have competitive.)
Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete (note I’m not good at this)
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV (All DLC) (note I’m not good at this)
Sid Meier’s Civilization V (All DLC) (all other Civ games I am good at.)
Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth (All DLC)
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (All DLC)
Tabletop Simulator
Grand Theft Auto V (PC)
Garry’s Mod
BattleBlock Theater
Golf With Your Friends
Portal 2
Ace of Spades
Block N Load
Borderlands 2
Don’t Starve
Dungeon Defenders
Dungeon Defenders II
Europa Universalis IV (Not good at it, but will learn if I play with others)
Hearts of Iron IV (Same as EUIV)
Galactic Civilizations III
Gear Up
The Jackbox Party Pack
Left 4 Dead 2
Offworld Trading Company
The Ship
Who’s Your Daddy
Worms Revolution
Flight of the Icarus
Guns of Icarus
Medieval Engineers
Space Engineers
Trine 2
Viscera Cleanup Detail

If you’re an in person friend I have a huge library of console games at my house.

Things to note about me:
Political Stance: Libertarian-Republican
Stance cont: I like talking about politics and have been writing a book about politics myself. I might bring it up at times, especially if something happens, best if you are alright with hearing it,

Religion: Atheist (though not Anti-theist)
Religion cont: In the past I used to attempt to force my Atheism on others when I was a Liberal in the past, now I don’t mind what you are so long as you don’t base my entire self upon it. (I am up to discussion but I likely won’t bring it up myself, if you’re muslim I might ask why due to all the stuff that has been happening and how atheists are one group of people muslims are told to kill in their holy books.

Other: I’m sort of high demand until I get more friends, I like playing video games and chatting with others, so I might come out as needy or clingy. But hopefully that should decline as my mental sanity regains. If you play games with me often I might help get games that cost money for us to play in the future.
I also say the truth a lot, even if you might not want it.

My Story:
I have always had this depression-like sadness ever since I remember in 2014-15; a feeling of eroding loneliness. It will make the most since If I started from the beginning though.
I was born on August 11th 1999 in Washington (Not DC) as a single child to a mother and father. Until my earliest memory when I was four I have to go what I heard. My Dad was, and still is, a neglectful father, one I shudder to call Dad nowadays, for the sake of protecting identities I won’t say his or other family member’s names. He prevented his wife from any social interactions with anyone else, male or female, as well as made sure only the minimal legal and commercial power was meet for my mother and I. He was so entranced with money he would only buy second hand stuff for mom and I for required purchases and tried as much as possible to prevent any other fee. When I was around two I contracted a serious cold, one that put me in critical condition. My Dad tried everything to prevent my mother from taking me to the hospital, even blocking the door. My mother eventually got out and to the hospital where they diagnosed my critical sickness and even had to put me on life support for sometime.
Around when I was three or four they divorced, Dad took virtually all the money and valuables while agreeing to a minimal childcare cost and the very flimsy technical term of paying for my higher education. During my fourth birthday party he apparently left for work early before I woke up and worked late so when he came home I’d be asleep. He didn’t work to earn money for a present for me or anything, he would’ve had enough anyhow, he did it to stay away from me, to treat it as if I never had existed.
My first memory was when I was four as I woke up in my Mom’s apartment. It was cramped but it was home. Eventually I decided I wanted to see “father” and so it was at first every other weekend I would stay at his house and then eventually more. At the time I didn’t care for social interaction, instead I lived a life of ignorant fun playing fancy “higher-class” things like the GameCube or Dreamcast, by myself. It hadn’t bothered me, the reason why it didn’t bother me was because I had autism and was an introvert. It was a life of self indulgence and the lack of care for others, aside from my mother, and sometimes strangely missing father.
Years pass until around when I was seven when my mom and her new husband decided to move to Texas for financial reasons as well as he came from their and had relatives. We drove all the way to the Houston area from the Seattle area to live in the secondhand guest house of stepdad’s mother. Unlike the rest of my life I didn’t have my own room or computer like I used to, instead the only thing I had for privacy was a spare tennis table to close off my corner with my stuff, bed, and window. During this time Obama was elected, my family voted republican to help with step dad’s sister’s highly disabled daughter, but she and most of America voted for Obama so he became president, for the longest time my family was Democratic with my new parents becoming more independent between the two whilst I had remained Democratic, though I wasn’t to into it but liked their ideas better.
Hurricane Ike passed through as my new parents and I huddled in their room instead of my window “room” We slept through most of it as it was very dark throughout the storm. Afterwards the power had been compromised for a week or two so we stayed in a Campervan for electricity through the blackout. Life slowly went back to normal soon after.
Eventually Dad seemed to want to have a family with me again so he eventually moved here. While he stayed in what was his apartment he was the best he ever was with me, he played games with me, we went out to eat, everything, including giving me a mac at his house. Around this time I grew interested in transformation art from artists like Akuoreo and Raiinbowraven, so I started sketching out my own TFs then scanned them before placing them on my new DA account around 2012. Eventually Dad gave me a copy of Civilization V as I grew addicted to it and started to get the urge to make a better society, at the time I thought it was Communism.
Around mid 2014 Team END was started, a DeviantART group that included many famous artists of the time; BeccaDoodles, TheNeonUmbreon, and other notable artists. Some other notable Deviants like mangarrow (Formally Fletcher), TheGuyNoOneRemembers (Founder/Grant), Snide-The-Serperior, ReadyUnknownFox(Blitz), and DatShinyTyphlosion (Owner after Grant left due to college). Team END was a very popular group at the time where people had fun doing activities together and sharing eachothers art, during this time I hit all three of my 100 watcher milestones.
Late 2014 puberty hit me as I started to get more dependent on social interaction and had little control over my emotions as even prior I had trouble limiting myself with my autism, eventually I left in the spring due to my thought that I’d destroy Team END with my uncontrollable actions. When I left I was an emotional wreck but I felt like I did the right thing. Despite me leaving the group would eventually collapse and be closed by early 2016, quiet by 2015.
By 2015 I was back to being alone, unsatisfied socially, it was indifferent from being friendless and alone. But unlike the past where I loved it it tore at me, I did my best to hide it, and no matter what I did I got no attention, it was probably justified as I was uncontrollable and annoying. In high school I was in an autistic help class and in it I learned how to control myself magnitudes better than I used to.
In early 2016 I started to learn about the horrors of communism and the benefits of capitalism online as I slowly shifted from a devout democrat to a deep hybrid between libertarian and conservative. Around the election time I grew more into politics and grew to fear a Hillary victory due to how “oppressive and racist” I was as a white male. It genuinely surprised me the next morning after the election how Trump managed to win, granted I would’ve have chosen someone else, but Hillary was such a treat I would’ve voted Trump. (I wasn’t old enough to vote as I was 17)
In June 2017 I graduated from High School and over the summer I put all my effort into advancing my art, promoting my art, and trying to make something of the likes of Team END again as I was alone and had little to distract me from my depression like school had done. No matter what I did everything had little attention, little feedback whilst my art grew better in magnitudes; I guess this is what I get for my past self being a prick… Still these problems last to today where my art as failed me in both funding and feedback, so I recently put it on hiatus due to me being needed in College and hurricane Harvey. This leads me to today.